Dog Poop: It's Not Just on the Lawn, It's in Your Drinking Water. Live Wire | July 07, 2010 - South Charlotte Poop Scooper
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In appreciation of National Scoop the Poop Week,  South Charlotte Poop Scooper is encouraging pet owners to make an extra effort to be considerate of the environment and to clean up after their canine companions.

Scooping your pooch's poop isn't just a politeness for those walking behind you; it is also a healthy, environmentally sound thing to do. Pet waste can be a significant source of water pollution. When pet desecrate is not properly disposed of, it can be carried by rain or snow runoff directly into nearby bodies of water or into storm drains. Storm drains in streets and neighborhoods usually flow directly to a stream or river without any treatment. Raw animal waste can become a source of harmful bacteria and nutrients in water. Just as we don't want human sewage in our water, it is important to prevent pet waste from being carried into our waterways.

While the aesthetic reasons for cleaning up after dogs may be obvious, serious health risks and environmental concerns are the real issue. The bacteria, viruses, and internal parasites contained in dog waste are communicable and harmful to humans - especially children and the elderly.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, pet waste has been identified as a major cause of "non point source pollution" (NPS). In just one example cited by the EPA, "for watersheds of up to twenty square miles draining to small coastal bays, two to three days of droppings from a population of about 100 dogs...contribute enough bacteria and nutrients to temporarily close a bay to swimming and shell-fishing."

Pet waste is a serious dilemma, which has only recently been gaining the national attention it deserves. "National Scoop the Poop Week was created to help raise awareness of the negative effects of dog waste and to promote the professionals who are scooping poop to keep America beautiful and healthy."

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA), there are 74.8 million dogs in the U.S. As the dog count rises, more dog owners are looking for a simple solution to an unavoidable problem: the average dog leaves approximately 23 piles of poop a week. This amount of waste can seriously damage our ecosystem if not properly disposed of.

South Charlotte Poop Scooper technicians carefully pick up all dog waste and properly dispose of it, to help keep homeowners' yards, as well as parks, apartment communities, and the surrounding areas clean and bacteria-free.

South Charlotte Poop Scooper also reminds all pet owners to do their part by taking the time and care to make sure their pets' environments are kept clean and safe.

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