South Charlotte Poop Scooper

Dog Waste Faqs

Q: How often do I scoop?
A: To keep a yard clean, most customers opt for once a week service.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
A: No, if you need to cancel service for the up coming week, all we ask is that you call at least a day in advance of the service day.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: Rates start around $11.00 a week. Please feel free to call for an estimate.

Q: Can I get a one time service?
A: Yes, just on a day agreed upon. Please unlock the gate. Thanks.

Q: Can I leave my dog in the yard?
A: That depends on the dog. We love dogs and have no problem working with them in the yard. But if your dog is likely to act as guard dog or is not good with strangers, we ask you to please confine your dog during the service.

Q: Is there a first time start up fee?
A: NO, however, if things have been, things piling up, it takes us longer to clean then a regular visit, consequently, we charge more for the first time visit. That charge will be stated in an estimate. Due to different typography we will come to your house to do an accurate visual estimate.

Q: Do you come during winter? Do you work in rain and snow?
A: You, betcha. Dogs don’t stop their business during the winter, so nether do we. As for rain and snow like the postal service we work in all kind of weather. If we have 2” to 3” inches of snow, we wait for two days and then return. At that point things start to show up.

Q: Do we work on holidays?
A: If your scoop day falls on one of these day, we’ll will be there either the day before or the day after.

Q: Will you make a special trip if I am having a party?
A: Yes, if prearranged, special stops can be made to make the lawn clean of all Doo before the party.

Q: Is satisfaction guaranteed?
A: We mean, if you’re not happy, we are not happy. It is most important that you are Happy?

Q: Does South Charlotte Poop Scooper pick up any kind of animal waste?
A:  Yes
South Charlotte Poop Scooper Waste Removal Services- Keep your back yard clean, safe, and free of unwanted animal waste. Please call us at 704-891-5664 if you have a different type of animal waste service is needed and we will let you know if we can extend our services to you!

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